Engage my coaching service to support your leadership journey and/or develop and expand your communication style.

Do you want to increase your visibility? Be seen and feel yourself confident in your authority as a leader? Or speak up more in meetings, become more comfortable with public speaking, or show up in more of an authentic and dynamic way?

If development is what you are seeking then coaching is well worth the investment of time, energy, finances. In being coached you get the time to pause and illuminate your intrinsic knowledge, to become aware of patterns old and emerging, aware of your feelings – you give yourself the time and space to become more conscious of your unconscious – this is empowering.

There are three core programs which are a complete development process or you can choose to focus on an individual program. The culmination is aimed to bring you into coherence as a confident, authentic and dynamic speaker.

Take action now to get your communication moving!

Three programs

Coaching: Empowered Communicator

Are you uncomfortable and lacking in confidence with any style of public speaking? Do you need to do it to get ahead? Do you want to be able to feel confident and comfortable presenting to audiences?

This program will strengthen –

  • your presence – part perception part intention – lets get these aligned
  • develop your ability to own the stage with grace and confidence
  • discover the power of your voice
  • learn techniques to engage your body to support you and your communication

At the conclusion of this program, you will have the tools, and have practiced the techniques, to empower yourself and make the impact you desire.

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Coaching: Authentic Communicator

Are uncomfortable or fearful of upsetting people for fear of any conflict? Is this stopping you from speaking your truth or what needs to be said?

In this program you will strengthen-

  • clarity on your core values and how to walk your talk
  • feel comfortable to let your audience ‘see you and you see them’
  • develop abilities to share your story as a communication tool
  • learn to embrace the strength of vulnerability
  • listen deeply on multiple levels
  • respond with empathy and curiously
  • share who are you behind the mask

At the conclusion your communication will move to a deeper and more authentic level for yourself and for your audiences.

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Coaching: Dynamic Communicator

 Are you empowered to speak in public? Comfortable to express your ideas with authenticity? Yet, you know there is another level to reach in how you communicate! What is your next level? Together we will access your creativity, develop awareness of when to be more spontaneous to let go of the plan and respond to what is present in the moment.

 In this program you will strengthen –

  • access to use your all your intelligences – E.Q. and self – awareness, physical, vocal, creative and intellectual
  • navigation of the grey zone, the emerging and yet unseen but felt moment
  • stay on course and in relationship with your audiences
  • deepen and develop your somatic senses to harness insight and action
  • manage and use your energy and expressiveness to respond to and shift emotional dynamics
  • deepen and broaden your dynamism to influence and impact

At the conclusion of this program you will increase your dynamism to take yourself and your audiences to another level of engagement