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I am an ardent believer in the ongoing ability to learn and develop how we communicate effectively, compassionately and authentically. To achieve this, I utilise my skills and abilities in training, facilitation, coaching and theatre. I focus on expanding and deepening the self – awareness and practices in E.Q, Presence, Deep Listening, Applied Improvisation, Embodiment, Storytelling, Systems Theory and Collaboration.

Translating the skills theatre practitioners use to communicate narratives is a passion of mine.  For me, the central core of theatre has always been about authentic communication – which is encompassed in the group process of creating a show, in the performance itself and also in the specific style of theatre that I practice, Playback Theatre. I work as an improviser, facilitator and trainer at Playback Theatre Sydney – a rich and dynamic communication forum that uses improvisation and personal storytelling to explore and illuminate specific issues.

With Playback I have facilitated large multi-stakeholder groups in a story-based communication process for a range of organisations – NFP, Gov, Corporate, Theatre.  Also creating custom designed programs for training and development at conferences, team building, leadership.

Theatre is almost unique in that it is a profession with effective communication at its core. I am experienced and passionate about where theatre and communication meet, the nexus of engaging others, and I have first-hand knowledge of the empowering impact this nexus can bring to people’s lives.

I was deeply influenced by my training at inner-city Sydney’s Drama Action Centre obtaining where I obtained a Diploma of Movement . This unique school bought together a range of practices from physical based performing arts (body language), specifically Improvisation (authentic expression) and group communication processes based in Psychodrama (active communication). Since then I have co created and acted in award winning theatre shows, and am also a regular improvisational performer in a theatre ensemble.

I have a BA in Communications and many years engaging in experiential practices utilising different applied theatre techniques to both theatre productions and group communication. I am a Certified Results Based Coach and experienced Facilitator of communication

For 10 years I have facilitated leadership presence training throughout the Asia Pacific region with a range of Fortune 500 companies. These programs are based on the translation of onstage presence and theatre to leadership communication.






Theatre is one of the great communication teachers, it makes the invisible visible. Johanna de Ruyter