Moving Communication coaching supports you to align your mind, body, and spirit into action, to make the movements in your life you desire.

If you have lost sight of what energises, emboldens, and engages you – Moving Communication coaching will help you reconnect with your dreams and desires.

Coaching offers you the opportunity to catch up with life through pausing and taking some time out to reflect and identify what is driving you.   As a Coach, I bear witness to your insights and desire. I listen and ask questions to support you to illuminate your deeper intuitive knowing – only you know the answers to your life questions. Together we find ways for you to listen to yourself and trust what emerges.

My experience in coaching people taught me that to experience life in the way you want,  one must take the time to reflect and question ourselves and assumptions. This inquiry allows you to perceive the complexity at play and to consider how you could respond to life aligned with your desire and your values.

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Facilitating Communication And Learning

Facilitating communication and learning

If you have an interesting idea, a meaty question or a sensitive topic you’d like to explore with others, I can facilitate dialogue and communication. I have opened discussions and forums with teams from 10 to 300, and have many years of expertise in Australia and Asia. My extensive work with audiences in the wider Asia Pacific region,  allows me to connect deeply with any audience, to manage complexity and respect cultural sensitivities.

In addition to facilitating processes and dialogue with audiences, I offer specific training in skills such as-

Peak presence, Authentic storytelling, Harnessing agility, Navigating discomfort of uncertainty and Find flow.

Each topic offers a fresh perspective to shift stagnant ways and enable communication to move and flow, and offer new perspectives in individuals and groups.

Kick start your business or people with some new energy and collaboration in your teams.

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Many speakers tend toward the ‘ talking head’  style of engagement with a focus on being an expert sharing theory and passing on information. My style combines a theory and practice, I engage with your audience on an emotional, intellectual and energetic level – to get their all intelligences moving, rather than passive listening. I like to disrupt expectations and shift from solely cognitive engagement with ideas and theories to the experience and embodiment of ideas. So as a speaker, I bring the ideas of the room to life.

I apply structure and form and customise content for your event. I utilise story and action (with action-based methodologies) to encompass our intellectual, emotional and physical intelligences. If you want to take your audience on a journey and inspire them with a unique and fulfilling experience, then let’s talk.

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