Practices to get your creativity moving

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Coaching is one of the fastest, most enjoyable and effective ways to make real change in your life. I have had clients say ‘this is better than therapy’ [read more]

Facilitating is a dynamic and creative process which brings people together in a different way to listen, align and learn ...[read more]

Speaking and presenting (see longer video here) new ideas to audiences increases energy and shifts the dynamics in the room to move and broaden perspective … [read more]

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Create More Fun And Connection In Online Meetings

Create more fun and connection in online meetings

I’m on my 3rd zoom meeting for the day and we are talking about how…

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The Year Of Collaboration And It Can Change The World….

The year of collaboration and it can change the world….

Collaboration changes the world but for this to happen we need to loosen our grip…

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Why Movement?

Why movement?

There is more and more research into the relationship of how the body influences the…

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Get Embodied

Get embodied

Knowledge is only rumour until it lives in our muscle. I reference this insightful quote…

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The first ever theatre show I performed in - Blind Justice and the Nipple of…

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