Why movement?

There is more and more research into the relationship of how the body influences the mind. For too long now there has been a tendency to separate them and relegated the body to being subservient to the mind. This theory is being turned on it’s head (no pun intended but it does deserve a chuckle) and researchers are discovering that the body influences the mind in many different and powerful ways. Embodiment is the term used now to describe this rebalancing of hierarchy. Awareness of the body inside out rather than outside in (science). Being awake and aware to our bodies intelligence and not just our mind and our thoughts but to sense and to feel your experience not only think your way.

It makes sense when you think our first language has and still is the body. Did you know that gesturing can assist in thinking and in learning? Moving our bodies in different ways can influence how we think and how we feel. Listening to not only our mind but our heart and our body is an effective way to navigate life’s many questions. Did you know that we have millions of neurotransmitters in all these centers?

Candice Pert, the well known neuroscientist, famously said: “your body is your subconscious mind”

In my approach I focus on integrating all of our intelligences – mind, body and emotions. I have seen many times that when we get moving and into action a different level of connection and insight can emerge. The body holds its own stories and memories and ideas we just need to start accessing and listening to these in more depth and respect. There is research that has found you get 60% more ideas when moving! Remember all those ideas that come to you in the shower!

Culturally we are more comfortable to sit and talk, to think our way to insight and although discussion is valuable when we get up and move we change the dynamics, the most obvious way is that we change the energy. By doing this we illuminate and open communication to more unconscious elements of knowledge and query. If you want to illuminate and discover new ways of being, thinking, creating then an efficient way is to get people moving. As the saying goes – it’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of acting!

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