Create Good Vibes

Create more fun and connection in online meetings

I’m on my 3rd zoom meeting for the day and we are talking about how we are adjusting and what we are noticing in this new reality of zoom meetings. I feel agitated and unsettled and my head feels full of words and ideas. I slowly realise my body is uncomfortable and my bottom, my rear end or call it my ass, is sore! I share this, loud and proud, I let myself stand up off the chair start moving my body, it fills the square frame and everyone laughs, it is a laugh of sudden and unexpected release of tension. The energetic and emotional dynamic shifts, I see peoples faces relax and smile, their presence opens up and I feel our human connection more.’

Here are some ideas of what can change your group communication dynamics –

  • emotions move people
  • connection moves people
  • vulnerability moves people
  • listening moves people
  • physical action moves people
  • authenticity moves people
  • energy moves people
  • courage moves people
  • playfulness moves people
  • stories move people
  • silence moves people
  • getting out a comfort zone moves people!

I would love to hear what you notice happens when people are moved?

My passion, expertise and curiosity is designing methods to move people to generate authentic, creative and energised communication, especially important at this time of tension.

Let me help you do this with your groups – email me to discuss how.

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