Move your creative juices

Creative juice makes life colourful, it makes us and others feel expansive and energises our being, it connects us with our imagination, and it opens us to being more receptive – it’s juicy stuff right?!
Could you use an injection of this when you feel stuck for new, fresh, out of the box ideas, or when your inspiration is at a low ebb and you find you are repeating what you have always done?
In the face of reason, logic and responsibility we often negate the creative reflex as silly or impractical, especially in a work context. Creativity invites of us to open up and loosen attachment to pre-conceived ideas. It invites us to cast the net of possibility wider, to value and explore outrageous, crazy, silly ideas of our own and of others instead of judging them and casting them aside.

Creativity has a bold invitation – step out of our comfort zone and into an expansive and playful discovery zone, to let ourselves not know and be open to what emerges

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou


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