Hello and welcome! I am a life long learner with a passion, curiosity and much experience in how we communicate. I continue to study and translate my learning experiences into useable tools and skills to empower people to communicate in ways that move us into deeper coherence and connection with ourselves and with others. I apply these skills and experience to coach individuals and groups to move communication into a flow zone – an energetic and centered space that is engaged emotionally, physically and intellectually.
Because impact and effective communication requires us to attend to more than the words we speak.



I apply the theories, mindsets and dynamic practices of – 

  • Embodiment – somatic or body/mind inquiry. Develop the ability to harness, by listening to, our whole selves, not just our thoughts but the innate intelligence of our bodies, feelings, senses.
  • Martial arts and Yoga practices – the center, the source, the hara – harness your energy
  • Theatre – an ancient body of knowledge that is all about communication of ideas.
  • Mindfulness – how to relax and be present and aware of self and world around you
  • Applied Improvisation – powerful practices to respond with flexibility to the changing, uncertain world around you – this is about adaptability. It is also about collaboration and team alignment.
  • Solution-based coaching – find out what actions you can take and are already taking that support the results you seek
  • Results based coaching – processes to enable you to create the results you seek
  • Storytelling – we know the world and ourselves through stories, learn to harness this skill set
  • Emotional Intelligence – become literate, conscious and more able to manage emotions in you and others
  • Systems awareness – we are interdependent and interconnected – one action impacts the whole system

I combine action and analysis to become conscious of insights, together we translate insight into knowledge that can drive future actions.

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