Below you will find testimonials from clients who have generously shared their experience in working with me. Some I have coached, presented to or have facilitated training. They come from a range of industries, sizes of organisations and levels of leadership.

Cecily Michaels – CEO Leep NGO leep-logo

I have known Johanna de Ruyter as my executive coach and a contracted facilitator/ trainer for volunteer managers for Leep NGO for 7 years. Johanna’s capacity to inspire myself and others to heights unimaginable is extraordinary. Johanna is an exceptional coach and facilitator taking those she leads on a journey of self discovery that is deep and ultimately leads to a greater awareness of one’s inner abilities and capacity for achieving greatness. I’ve not only experienced an amazing transition in myself I’ve also witnessed the impact Johanna’s input has had on others.  She is a rare human being that I’ve been privileged to know and I’m enormously grateful for all she has done to assist me be where I am today. Thank you.

Sheree CairneyNeuroscientist logo

I engaged Joh to help me prepare to deliver the keynote address at the Social Impact Summit in Perth 2018. Joh quickly got me out of my head and into my body with a range of strategies. She applied a particularly powerful technique whereby I started with where I wanted to take the audience, in terms of the feeling and learning, and worked backwards from there. This helped my nerves as I felt the talk was ‘already conquered’. I started with the learning and then filled in the teaching to get there. Joh got me out of my comfort zone, to being more liberated in my body and voice. She drew on tools to get a flow of creativity and freedom in both the content and delivery of my talk, and in preparation rituals. The work with Joh not only reflected back to me my strengths but also enabled me to connect with the audience and leave them with an experience rather than just a presentation. It was a pleasure and a fantastic learning and confidence-boosting experience working with Joh. I highly recommend it!

Jody GrimaExecutive Director Service Deliveryservice-nswlogo

Great mindfulness and public speaking coach. Johanna will get you out of your comfort zone but only to support your growth, development and learning. A different and engaging style and very authentic. Highly recommended.

Gabrielle BatesMaster of Fine Art

In March 2018 I engaged the coaching services of Johanna De Ruyter to help me prepare for my first academic conference presentation. I was anxious about speaking in front of high ranking academics and wanted to tips to make the best of my performance. Over several sessions Johanna introduced me to a variety of techniques that gave me greater confidence and made me completely rethink how to engage with an audience. She was always prompt, full of great advice and keen to make the most of our time. I was delighted with the result. I spoke with confidence and conviction, connected with my audience, and most surprisingly, enjoyed myself. My presentation was well received, and I have since presented at another conference with the same positive outcome. I highly recommend Johanna as an expert coach who delivers positive transformative results.
Gabrielle Bates
MFA Candidate (research)
UNSW Art & Design, Sydney

Laura GoddardCSR Executive at International Convention Centre Sydney nsw_gov

Prior to working with Johanna, I was struggling to define the type of leader I wanted to be and was feeling conflicted about setting boundaries whilst maintaining open relationships with colleagues. Throughout our work together, Johanna introduced me to a range of techniques which encouraged me to feel more confident in my role and to feel comfortable stepping into the role of a strong leader who communicates clearly and acts decisively. Johanna’s open and friendly approach ensured I felt safe in the space we were working in, and I always walked away from our time together feeling refreshed and energised – even if I had walked in feeling drained and tired.

I’m incredibly grateful for all of Johanna’s encouragement and assistance, and am now able to envisage a path that I had previously not considered. I would absolutely recommend Johanna to anyone wishing to develop or strengthen their leadership presence.

Lucy HaynesCommunity I Conservation Sustainabilityconservation-volunteers

I was a client of Johanna’s back 2016 while undertaking the development of a brand-new training resource. During this time Johanna coached me with humility, integrity and unwavering commitment to the process; assisting me from concept development right through to content delivery.

I cannot thank Johanna enough for helping me to develop my presence as a trainer and as a leader! Utilising her theatre background, Johanna regularly push me out of my comfort zone and into a new style of facilitating, one where I could truly ‘show up’. More than this, Johanna guided me through the complex emotional aspects of developing my workshop, helping me to deliver powerful personal stories into the training space, creating a unique space for participants to connect, reflect and grow.

With Johanna’s guidance, I have also learned how to sustain my energy levels and deliver 5 hour workshops for anywhere up to 100 people. I can now confidently maintain a high-level of responsiveness and presence for a whole day workshop, something I never in my wildest dreams thought possible!

I would describe Johanna as a specialist in cultivating human potential… in many ways she has certainly helped me grow and connect with the best version of myself!

For anyone considering Johanna as a coach, I can attest, that her experiential techniques teach so much more than leadership and presence, they are lessons in human behaviour and interaction, they are lessons in what it means to be human!

Regardless of your aim, Johanna has the skill, intellect, and passion to help you move forward on your journey – Johanna has my whole-hearted recommendation.

Charlotta ObergGlobal Mindset Specialist prisma

Johanna is courageous, skilled and wise – a potent combination! I had the pleasure of co-facilitating with Johanna on vital issues of racism and discrimination. I watched in awe as Johanna managed to created safe spaces and drew insights from people that otherwise would have never been heard. It looks like magic in the moment, but I know from repeated experience this a consistent skill of hers. If you want a session that engages hearts and changes mind, get Johanna in. And if you, like me, want to take your presentation and facilitation skills to the next level, Johanna combines many fields to enable you to shine.

Christian BerechreeEditor at South Burnett Times and Central & North Burnett Times konnect_learning_logo

Johanna presented a session on “Building confidence and presence through body language” at Konnect Learning’s National EA/PA Forum in Sydney and Melbourne.

Our objective for this session was to help Executive and Personal Assistants understand the importance of non-verbal communication in building confidence and leadership skills. Johanna’s presentation exceeded our expectations and was a genuine highlight of the event. Johanna was able to synthesise complex concepts into a short and punchy 40 minute session, with a great deal of practical elements and valuable learning experiences. I would highly recommend Johanna to any training provider looking for an engaging and unique conference or training experience.

Julian NoelFounder, Shine logoshine

Johanna presented at a Shine event, she was a stand out presenter, her fresh approach incorporating story telling, and speaking from the heart really won the audience over. She spoke with depth, authenticity sprinkled with humour. We want her to come back and speak some more. Julian Noel, Founder of Shine.

Suzi SkinnerPositive Leadership Expert & Global Executive Coach (MCC) roar-people-logo2x

Johanna is an incredible leadership communication coach whose authenticity and passion is a pleasure and privilege to experience. Johanna’s deep experience and insight into connecting with others in a true-to-self manner, and taking ownership for our own authority, means that she is an expert in helping one connect to dialogue that really matters. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Vivien SungDesign strategist, educator and facilitator. Lab Lead, FutureAging Lablogo-camp_

I engaged Johanna to conduct a Playback Theatre Session as part of the China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) Summit Program. The aim was to create a space for dialogue to unpack the challenges faced by Australian and Chinese delegates working across cultures both online and face-to-face.

Johanna has an exceptional ability in facilitating a grounded space for sharing and reflection and for important themes and learnings to come to the fore. Through the process of storytelling played back through performance, delegates connected through a shared experience enabling them to move forward on their projects. The shift of energy in the room was apparent in building team cohesion and connection which cannot be underestimated in collaboration of innovation. I highly recommend Johanna and Playback Theatre and look forward to further collaborations.

Donald Marmara – Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Somatic Psychotherapist, Group Leader

Johanna is an excellent and empathic communicator. She is quick to move beyond the presenting problems to the heart of the matter to enable meaningful change. Her playfulness and sense of humour make her a joy to work with as well as further enhancing her effectiveness.

Tarun Kaur

For anyone wanting to bring out their best self, I can assure you that Johanna can show you how! Remember, we are all performers, whether it be in theatre or in our jobs – with Johanna’s expertise, you can learn to present yourself in a way that will achieve your goals.

I have worked with many mentors/coaches in the past, and Johanna definitely stood out! She has an amazing peaceful aura, which allows you to open up and delve into the core reasons for why change is not happening. She is highly compassionate, caring, confident and creative in her approach and gives you practical tools to take home, which will give you the power to act how you want. She helps you shape yourself, and be who you want to be, rather than letting the past or events shape you. Thank you so much for the coaching sessions Johanna, they have definitely been a highlight of my self-development 🙂

Edwina, 2018 usydlogo

In being coached by Johanna I was introduced to not just new ideas, but new practices, such as that offered by the arts, and in this case, theatre and performance as a way to learning new skills to better stand up and speak up, and in doing so to overcome some old fears and to explore some new roles in my life. Previously I experienced a visceral fear of any role that would put me in the foreground, that would involve standing up or speaking up in front of people, communicating publicly my thoughts and ideas. The techniques and strategies Johanna shared, and we practiced, helped me further explore the whys and hows of my different ways of being and how they are expressed, intellectually, emotionally, but also physically. I have learnt and will practise techniques that will improve how I express myself, how to be, quite literally, heard.