My many years of public speaking, combined with my experience in theatre, leadership presence training and storytelling, means I am well equipped to engage, entertain and inspire your audience.

More than a ‘talking head/look at me speaker’ I focus on the audience to offer inspiring content and knowledge that connects with them intellectually, emotionally, physically and creativly. My speaker topics are built from my areas of expertise as outlined below.

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Storytelling with Purpose

People remember a story. They do not remember facts, statistics or memorandums, but a story can be heard once and stay for life, yet not everybody feels confident to tell a good story and keep the audience’s attention. This presentation will convince and empower your audience to use storytelling to their communications.

Focusing on:

  • Story Structure
  • Presentations and storytelling
  • Techniques to craft a story
  • Choosing the right story for the message
  • Learn the science of storytelling and story listening

Navigate the unknown and uncertain

This is the era of VUCA (Volatile, Unpredictable, Chaotic, Ambiguous). Managing your response to uncertainty is pivotal in leading yourself and others through the grey zone of these dynamic forces at play. It is an opportunity to lead from another place in ourselves rather than jump to a conclusion for fear of the discomfort of now knowing the answer. Instead how to listen to all our being – head, heart, gut, body and to trust in our sensing, or intuiting, to practice not knowing and sitting with the discomfort of uncertainty. It is within this dynamic that great learning, creativity and possibility open up, new ideas emerge and the invitation is to explore them before judging them. Presenting the techniques from the skilled Improvisor and from mindfulness we will locate strategies for you or your team to step into this dynamic space of divergent potential. Listen to this short presentation on blending certainty and uncertainty

Focusing on:

  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Playfulness
  • Narrative analysis
  • Self – Management
  • Movement and action
  • Beliefs and values

Get your Creativity moving

In the face of reason, logic and responsibility we often negate the creative reflex as silly or impractical, especially in a work context. Creativity invites of us to open and to loosen preconceived ideas, to cast the net of possibility wider, to value and explore outrageous ideas of our own and of others. Creativity has a bold invitation – step out of our comfort zone and into an expansive and playful discovery zone, to let ourselves not know and be open to what emerges. Read about PLAY

Focusing on:

  • Harness the power of playful mindset
  • Use divergent thinking
  • Learn the science of creativity
  • Loosen patterns, habits and routines
  • How to access and apply your creativity

Empower your Communication with Body Language

In this presentation, which is also an experiential workshop, I introduce the empowering elements of our non- verbal communication, through a focus on Body Language. This silent language is largely subconscious and instinctive but has an enormous impact on our communication process.  During this presentation the audience will learn key principles of this silent language and begin to develop a literacy in this element of communication. This will give individuals practical skills to communicate with more impact, clarity and confidence.

If you understand body language, you have a marketable advantage over most professionals – especially when it comes to communication – and we’ll have fun doing it.

Focusing on:

  • Science and latest research
  • Intentional body language to strengthen negotiations
  • Avoid common body language mistakes
  • Match words to your movements to instill trust and congruence
  • Learn how to use your body to manage your mind